D. Wood


Dennis uses  watercolor as his medium for painting. He has traded the sandy beaches, harbor, and tennis courts of Newport Beach, California for the rivers, lakes, and power ski runs of Brundage Mountain in snowy Idaho. While occasionally painting in acrylics, he mainly derives his inspiration from experiences he has had around ocean waters and mountain scenery. 

Dennis received his formal education at the University of Southern California, at the School of Architecture and Fine Arts. When focusing on painting, a great deal of influence was gained by the work of several mainstay artists in the California School of Watercolorists. Specifically, Dennis gained his special inspiration from the masterful teaching and guidance of his supremely talented uncle, Mr. Robert E. Wood.

Through his work in bold and vibrant colors, form, shapes, and design techniques  he intentionally chooses forceful brush strokes as the tools of his craft. The goal of his work is to discover a unique and well constructed platform in which he can share his vision of delight and enthusiasm through his paintings.

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